How to download a music to iPad?

  • iPad is a magical and revolutionary product. It brings more powerful and amazing experience for user. There are millions of songs on iTunes store. Don't you want to make your iPad to play more favorite musics? Here are many very helpful tips when asking how to download music to iPad that will make your iPad music life much easier.
  • Now I would like to give you three ways on how to download music to iPad. Before that, we should take care of everything that necessary for downloading music. This means that you are supposed to have the usb cable, itunes, and of course the source of the music either by cd on hand. If those were already on, here we go!
  • iTunes over Wi-Fi
  • iTunes is not just your media organizer, but your online store as well. Be sure to have internet connection and an iTunes account before starting. Click the iTunes store link on the left side of the iTunes window and the link will take you to the iTunes store. The store is loaded with songs, videos, ebooks, podcasts, and much more. To download a song from iTunes, click the "buy" button and the song will be downloaded to your iTunes. This method is fast, easy.
  • iTunes on your computer
  • To put music from cds into itunes is very easy. Simply put in the cd into the computer and then open up itunes. A cd icon should appear on the middle left area of the itunes window screen, double click it and a list of the songs will show up. Pick the ones that will be downloaded into the itunes library and sync them in.
  • From websites
  • Websites such as napster require signing on and purchasing music. You can download songs from these websites for the same or cheaper price than iTunes.
  • Choose one of the above to download music to iPad. Then you can enjoy your iPad music anywhere and anytime.